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MLM Consulting

Professional MLM Consulting

Over the past quarter century, we have frequently been called upon, often times at the very last minute, to assist with the launch of new companies and help rescue faltering companies by helping bring them back to profitability.

Our team of seasoned professionals often perform complete “face lifts” on the image and missions of companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry.  Continuing on this tradition of excellence, we provide and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas of: business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.

When you need experience and dependability, you need us!  We are confident that you will benefit from an association with the best network marketing consultants available. . . anywhere, at any price!

MLM Soup 2 Nuts Private MLM Workshop

Only $399 per attendee, held at the MultiSoft offices either Philippines or Florida offices, and subject to schedule availability. Together we will actually build your new MLM business, from the ground floor up, and launch it right before your eyes.

We will…

Build and deploy your Corporate Website

Add a replicated Distributor Back-Office

Add products and assign commission values

Discuss your momentum building Pre-launch

Discuss your Founding Distributor program

You’ll learn everything from industry experts … from “Soup 2 Nuts”.

My personal and very private one-day “Soup 2 Nuts” approach will clearly define each step that you’ll need to take to be successful, the milestones that will measure your progress and how you can avoid the pitfalls that so many others have encountered in the past.

How do I do it?

Our company has been servicing the direct sales and MLM industries for over 25 years. We have experience in the industry from a distributor, a company owner and a 25 year MLM Software vendor.

Our team goal is to make your dream become a reality! We will draw on our own 25+ years of experience as the leading industry MLM software vendor and our products and services will be used to illustrate the concepts covered in this extensive and very unique custom workshop.

I will show you hands-on how it is done and let you know about some MLM tips often unidentified by others in the MLM opportunity industry… and you can expect more than hype laden motivational speaking!

I’ll show you how to “do it right”… the first time!

My interest is in helping you succeed and ensuring that you can be the best that you can be. Join me for a walk down the path to success!  My one-day PRIVATE “Soup 2 Nuts” MLM consulting workshop will be custom tailored YOUR specific needs. Each of the topics offered can be covered in as much detail as you require – you and I will build the curriculum to suit your specific needs (see attached brochure for suggested topics).

Your time spent will be hands-on and action packed!

My consulting is not about my own self edification, it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in a highly competitive industry.  If you are looking for solid advice from a seasoned industry professional, you are going to absolutely love my one-day “Soup 2 Nuts” consulting workshop!

And… my MarketPowerPRO Corporate MLM Software book that will help you with your own custom MLM program will be included FREE!

Best regards,


Steve Mommaerts


Download the Brochure
(to see what you’ll receive on your Private Day of Consulting)


What is Value?

How do you define value? Is value the cheapest item on the shelf or the most expensive? Does it represent a compromise or does it reveal itself in the delight of receiving something for far less than what you know it to be worth?

The answer to the question of value is in large part dependent on what you’re shopping for. If you’re looking for a greeting card to express feelings of the heart, many different cards can help you convey the message. They will all have a nearly equal value. If you’re suddenly in need of a surgeon because you’ve suffered a heart attack, you’ll quickly reassess how you view value. Your focus will be on finding the best surgeon to help with your condition. Value will suddenly take on a whole new meaning to you.

The analogy is apt because you are the heart of your company. You need to be functioning at the highest level possible in order for your company to not just survive but to thrive. Without a doubt, there’s a tremendous value placed on the decisions that you make on a day in, day out basis.

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of your business. When you need assistance kick starting it are you going to pick an intern or first year doctor to administer the jolt or are you going to go with the best surgeon in the field?  Think fast – in MLM momentum is everything and you’ve only got a short period of time to make a decision before you flat-line.

Benefits of working with us:

When the life of your business is on the line, we can help:

Experience from the distributor, MLM company owner and vendor perspectives.

The ability to travel anywhere, anytime to meet your needs.

Over 20 years in the industry.

Flat rates and firm quotes.

More than anything else, we bring integrity and a dose of common sense to MLM consulting. You wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who states without hesitation:

  Of course we want to learn about your project before quoting it. How in the world can you price a job if you don’t know what it entails?  

With competitors throwing around numbers without first exactly knowing your requirements, the above statement makes a lot of sense!

Attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition. The most successful surgeons put time into understanding the symptoms before they diagnose a cure or consider making an incision. Any way that you cut it, there’s real value in that.


Download the Brochure

(to see what you’ll receive on your Private Day of Consulting)


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